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A Most Delightful Journey

I am going to Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to 1417 Parker Place and meet ...... so many people that I once knew, but it has been so long that we must reach, reach across that divide of time. I'm going to meet someone I'm just getting to know, and we are going to go to the Cube with Opie, and watch TV, and go re-visit my old stomping grounds in Brentwood, TN. My old, old, ex-boyfriends mom and dad, whom for many years I have thought of and worried about, will be there. These are people that I LOVE, you know, like the song says, "Through the Walls of Time". I had dreams about them; they never left my heart or my spirit.

The person I once was, that eighteen-year-old who didnt know a THING, has changed into a much wiser, and I hope stronger person. I'll be scared, a little. But mostly I am just going to soak up the places and the faces, hear southern accents like soft music to my ears, and go away from here. I'm going home.


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Aug. 15th, 2009 02:35 am (UTC)
I have dreams about people who are close to my heart but not nearby occasionally. One couple I used to rent from appear in my dreams from time to time. In one (they were very spiritual & open-minded) dream, I spoke with her & it appeared that she'd passed on. She asked me how I "got them to let me talk" to her & I replied that I didn't know. It felt like a reunion! :) I even had one experience when I went back to Tucson (where I lived when I rented from them) & I swear the two of them woke me up! I was doing a work-related seminar thing & the alarm clock I set didn't go off. Their presence stayed with me that entire day. I couldn't shake the feeling that they were there with me in that hotel bedroom, making sure I wouldn't be late!! :)

Have fun! I've never been to TN but I've heard it's green & pretty!
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