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Whine session in progress

My life sucks.

Both puppies got into something (we dont know what) and they were staggering, drooling, my poor Mercedes was falling over....I was in total panic mode. Vet has them in observation.

KLH has the bad habit of leaving all kinds of shit lying around and they did chew up a pencil, but the vet said their tummies were okay on the x-ray and a pencil shouldnt be toxic. So I went home and ripped Kendrick up one side and down the other till she cried. And then I felt bad.

I gave mom a shower last night and something in my back just kinda popped, horrible pain; I had to go to the floor and cry into a towel. I'm scheduled to get a pain block in my back this week, AND I can't take any NSAIDS, which is what helps the pain. I havent had a good sleep in a week. I feel like jumping off a cliff.

That is all.