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Back to Ohio

I'm back with my daughter and my two sweet Chis, after what was beginning to feel like FOREVER. It wasnt that I disliked where I was; I LOVED it. But some of you know how I get when separated from my child.....two weeks is about our limit, then we start being anxious and depressed and crying.

When I came in the driveway, KLH was running out the door to meet us. Holding her was like being in heaven....then, I was afraid that the puppies wouldnt remember me. WRONG. I was attacked with Chi-love instantly. I couldnt bend down to love them, so we went to the couch and they basically had their way with me for about 1/2 an hour. Later,  KLH and I went to the garage and here came the three cats, gathered around us: Ebu in my lap, Jackson next to me on the desk, and Missy at my feet. And I was happy.

BUT.....this is the strange thing: I left the place I KNOW I belonged. And I left people I KNOW I belong with. The Parkers are another set of parents and Nancy is my forever friend and sister. And AP and I are so compatible that there was very little "getting-to-know-you" awkwardness.....it was so natural and simple. So, now I have people that I miss pretty near as much as I did Kendrick. Isn't that a fix to be in?

The final tally of my injuries sounds like I was in a car wreck. 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 12th ribs broken, bruised kidney, fractured 2nd lumbar vertebra, bilateral collapsed lungs, lacerated liver. It still hurts to breathe and lemme tell ya, its quite odd to inhale and feel bones creaking around in there. The doc said I probably lost 500-700 cc of blood. I even peed blood there for a while. I have gone back over the accident time and time again, thinking what I could have done differently....it was either try and catch myself with my arms and risk breaking both of them, or just go limp and fall....and I still dont know what the best choice would have been.

A thousand kudos to AP for setting up camp in my hospital room and never leaving my side, and even more kudos to the hospital staff who never kicked him out. The doctors and staff at Williamson Medical Center could not have been better. Anyway, I'm home, its chilly, and I need another pair of socks.


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Sep. 29th, 2009 10:04 pm (UTC)
you are a strong woman for even being able to go for two weeks. A couple of days is the most I can handle them being away from me lol. I haven't left them yet :(
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