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War Is Hell

I am having this idea for either a painting or a really good drawing......its welling up inside me, it has to come out. I just have to block out the composition in my mind. My ex-husband is a Vietnam Vet with PTSD. Yes, in many ways I still do love him, you don't stay together as long as we did and not have a connection. I still feel his pain. I took care of a man who was a medic in Vietnam and he gave me this easel upon which I paint and a huge wooden box of paint and brushes before he died. I felt his pain, too. God bless all those boys and bless the 50,000 -------FIFTY THOUSAND------ of those poor kids who died over there.....like my dad said....Lyndon Johnson ruined an entire generation of American youth. How do you get rid of that kind of pain? And the Iraq death toll is up over 4,000 now. Same thing happened to the Korean Vets, the WWII and WWI vets.....just nobody ever spoke of it. The policies of the military admins are NOT helping these people.....forcing more and longer deployments, the total lack of consideration of their psychological health both during and after deployment, the higher suicide rates....why can't they fix this? Some ideas; rotate them in and out faster; the less time you spend in the line of fire, the less damage is done. And if a soldier starts cracking up, get him OUT of there. I have so much more to say about this....but my dogs are hungry. Wonder if they like pizza?